A Guide To Solar Facts & Myths

A Guide To Solar Facts & Myths

People assume that they know the solar technology well, yet there are some wrong perceptions that they carry about it.

For a detailed understanding let’s scroll down to the facts and myths of solar that will give you a clear idea about the solar technology.

1. Myth: Solar panels do not work efficiently in cold climates

Fact: Solar panels work even better in cold conditions due to increased conductivity, making electricity flow even more efficient, whereas in higher temperatures the efficiency of panels reduces. As solar panels get hotter, the production of power is less from the same amount of light.

2. Myth: Solar panels require constant maintenance

Fact: Solar panels are highly durable and require minimal maintenance.Many installers provide annual inspection facilities on solar maintenance.

3. Myth: Solar Panels Damage the roof

Fact: If installed by skilled professionals after thorough testing of the roof, the panels may even increase the roof life by shielding it from the harmful elements. Professional installers will skillfully install the panels on every roof pitch, angle, and condition. These professionals will make sure that the roof of the solar owner is not damaged. solar panels are installed a few inches above the existing roof thus; it does not damage the roof with its weight.

4. Myth: Solar panels are too expensive

Fact: Getting solar panels is not that expensive with dropping solar price, easy EMI options and government incentives and subsidies, it’s easy to go solar. The total money saved also makes going solar an easy and affordable option.

5. Myth: Only few states offer incentives for installing solar panels

Fact: As a measure towards sustainable environment almost every state is supporting the initiative of solar and are providing grants and incentives up to 25-30% on solar installation.

6. Myth: The solar Technology will get more advanced in the coming days, so it is better to wait and invest later

Fact: The current solar technology is very well developed and gives high efficiency and output. So one should not waste his/her time waiting for a better technology. The solar technology is more or less same since 1960s and the potential for a more advanced technology is small compared to the panels ready for installation today.

7. Myth: Installing solar is quite complicated

Fact: When done by competent, experienced and technically sound solar solution providers, the process of solar installation is quite smooth and easy.

8. Myth: Solar panel systems will store excess energy in the batteries and this excess energy will damage the system

Fact: Majority of the panel’s these days are connected to the electricity grid and any excess energy is exported to the grid in returns of credit.

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