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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of your solar investment will vary greatly depending on the size of the system, your location and available incentives. Find out what Frittsolar system will do to your electric bill.

With proper design and installation following industry best practices, your roof should maintain all its pre-solar integrity. Frittsolsar audits and trains all our Installers on these best practices so that you can rest easy knowing that your roof will be okay.

The Government of India has set a subsidy through MNRE which is equivalent to 25% of the system value for the residential and institutional sector. Frittsolar being a MNRE channel partner gets you access to this subsidy. For businesses there is accelerated depreciation benefit of 40% of plant value per annum. Additional state, local and utility incentives exist in many areas, further lowering the net cost of your investment.

Currently, most of India is under a system known as Net Metering, which allows you to export extra electricity produced during the day. This extra electricity can be used for offsetting your electricity usage when the solar system is not operating. In certain states like Delhi and Haryana, any extra remaining electricity can be sold off to the your DISCOM.

Yes. A general rule of thumb is that if you can clearly see your solar panels, they can produce electricity. In fact, given equal sunlight, a solar panel on a cold day will out-produce a solar panel on a hot day.

People move more frequently now than ever before, but that shouldn't impact your solar decision. A solar system can save you money today and even pay for itself in as little as three to five years depending on the rate at which you currently procure electricity from your distribution company (DISCOM) . Even if you move before your solar investment is completely paid off, studies show the cost will likely be returned in added value to your home.
Plus, your home will most likely sell faster. Who doesn't want a home with a guaranteed low electric bill? Our solar panel warranty is even transferable to the new owner.

In a grid connect system, as you are still tied to the mains power supply, any deficit will come from the mains grid.

In a grid connect system, the grid acts as a battery. Any excess power you produce during the day can be stored on the grid and used when your solar system is not producing energy.

MNRE has set a benchmark price of ₹75,000 per kW for a 1 kW system. However, you can get a system for much lower depending on the size of your required system. It cna be as low as ₹60,000 per kW if you require a 25kW or more.

Solar systems need 100 ft2 of shade free space per kW of installation.

Solar electricity is identical to grid power, so you will never notice that the house is running on solar power.
What you will see, of course, is a smaller electric bill!

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