Solar Panel

A country like India has great potential to adapt solar energy for industries as well as homes.

Solar energy has become a credible source of generating electricity at home. It is interesting to know that the government too has started initiatives to promote a greener environment by setting a target to achieve 175 GW of renewable energy through installed systems. Currently, the rate is at 100 GW and only getting higher by 2022!

Solar panel installations are a common sight in most homes around us. However, one hindrance to complete adoption of this technology is the lack of awareness on the return of investment on these installations, both for homes and industries. The short answer is that with the given amount of sunlight we receive all year long, solar energy assures great return on investment for years to come, once you arrive at the decision.

A good quality solar system offers over 25 years of independent energy and savings on the pockets too! With proper installation by experts you can optimize the space of your house for clean, green energy.

It is important to note that the return on investment also depends on the kind of company used, the cost of the panels, government taxes and your budget too.

Moreover, the kind of money you save on electricity also depends on you prior consumption, the location of your house, the way your solar panels are tilted, if you choose to install battery storage or not, etc.

In order to prevent residual current, inverters are provided with RCD monitoring to measure the RMS current of both the AC and DC components. Fires are thus prevented by equipping RCDs with a maximum of 300mA of residual operating current for inverters.

Here are some reasons why solar promises an investment that is worth it:

By using protection methods for RCDs, keage currents can be avoided to enter and flow through the human body. Shutting down the AC side to cut the grid off, will shut down the inverter through long-distance communication and thus stop power output.

Devices too can be protected the same way, in order to avoid strain on them. The installations of PV plants are often vulnerable to overvoltage from lightning. This can cause serious damage to solar equipment and therefore the need to be connected to SPDs to have high impedance.

Frittsolar, a top solar company based in Delhi, is a contributor to renewable forms of energy by promoting solar systems for residential and commercial purposes too. By switching to solar energy, you are installing the most efficient solar panels that offer more than 2 decades of independent energy generation and saving in multifold. Be smart, get saving with Frittsolar!

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