Benefits Of Installing Solar Panels In Commercial Space

Benefits Of Installing Solar Panels In Commercial Space

Investment in solar panel is the most secure way to get fixed returns. Being aware of the green, clean and smart technology, many industries are turning their roof into the solar roof and generating clean energy smartly.

When you install solar in your commercial space you enjoy the following benefits:

1. Lower Electricity Bills - The data shows that electricity has been a major part of the monthly expense for every industry. With solar on the roof the industries can generate their own electricity and can cut down their unnecessary expense and start saving that amount. In fact, almost 30% of any company’s operational cost is the electricity cost. Going Solar thus helps them save a lot.

2. Quick Payback Period - It takes only 3-7 years to pay back the cost of installation spent on solar. The system lasts 25-35 years and gives a high return on investment starting from day one.

3. Earnings Through Net Metering - Through net metering, you can earn and make a profit in the future. With net metering, you can send the surplus energy to the grid and earn.

4. Solar Incentives - This allows every big and small business to go solar.

Federal Investment Tax Credit— Gives credits up to 30% of the cost to the solar owners.

Tax and Cuts Job Act—this incentive allows accelerated depreciation on the cost of the system.

Performance-Based Incentives—these incentives allow the company to receive payment for the energy being produced.

5. Attract More Customer - By taking a sustainable step towards the environment. A business can attract the media’s attention, build its reputation in the market, and thus make more customers.

6. Increases Property Value - As solar provides exceptional benefits; smart property buyers are willing to pay more for a property that is energy self-sufficient with lower operating costs.

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