Benefits Of On-Grid Solar

Benefits Of On-Grid Solar

There are three types of solar systems

1. On-grid solar system

2. Off-grid solar system

3. Hybrid solar system

Among these three, the most used solar system is the on-grid system. These systems are tied to the local utility grid via a grid-tied inverter and help the solar owner to transfer the extra energy produced to the grid. In these systems, one can even pull back the energy when needed and pay only for the net used.

These types of systems are highly beneficial because of the following reasons:

1. They are Cost-Effective - On-grid solar system does not cost much as compared to other systems as it has very little equipment and does not include heavy batteries as in off-grid solar, which increases its price.

2. They are Reliable - On cloudy days when solar panels generate less electricity, having an on-grid connection can be your savior. One can pull the electricity from the grid easily and get sufficient power.

3. Net Metering - The main advantage of having on-grid solar is that it allows net-metering. This means when a system produces more energy than required it can transfer that energy to the grid for local consumption and earn money through it. Also at times when the panels are not producing sufficient energy, it can pull back the energy from the grid and power its appliances.

4. Huge Reduction On Electricity Bill - With a net meter in place a solar user having a grid tied solar system, has to pay only for the surplus electricity he consumes which drastically reduces his monthly bill. One can reduce his electricity by 90% by going solar.

5. Easy Maintenance - One should always reach out to the best solar providers and not settle for just anyone only to save the money. One should always pick the right professionals who can guide them well.

6. High ROI - The cost of on-grid solar is comparatively less than other solar systems and they even produce more electricity than other systems. With minimal maintenance and a monthly reduction in electricity bills, one can easily get an ROI of 25-30%.

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