Benefits of Rooftop Solar Panels

Benefits of Rooftop Solar Panels

The world is moving towards a sustainable lifestyle at a rapid pace. With issues like climate change, increase in carbon footprint, biodiversity loss amongst other environmental concerns that the planet is facing right now, a conscious and mindful way of living is the only way one can ensure a livable future.

Adopting renewable sources of energy has not only become the ideal choice, in such a situation, but also convenient with solar solutions being affordable and readily available in the country.

Along with benefiting the environment there are other factors that support the usage of rooftop solar panels for households and businesses in India, some of which are:

1. Government Incentives- To promote usage of solar energy, the Government has introduced tax credits for installation of rooftop solar panels that cater to residential or business purposes. As per the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy the Government bears 40% of the installation cost upto 3 kw and 20% between 3-10 kw which acts as a subsidy to the installer. Sec. 179 under the business tax code allows businesses to deduct 100% of the costs of certain business equipment/upgrades, which may include the installation of rooftop solar panels.

2. Cost Saving- Along with subsidies from the Government, rooftop solar panels also help save massive costs over the years. Their tariff rates are 17% and 27% cheaper in comparison to industrial and commercial tariff rates, respectively. In many residential sectors of India, rooftop power installations are achieving grid parity along with cutting down electricity bills.

3. Reliable Source Of Electricity- Power outage is a common phenomena in both, rural and urban India. To combat this situation people resort to alternatives like diesel generators which not only pose a threat to the health and environment but also have high operating costs. In comparison to that, solar energy is not only affordable and cost effective but also eco-friendly.

4. Reduces Carbon Footprint- Carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases (primarily CO2) that are released into the atmosphere by a particular human activity. Since rooftop solar panels generate energy naturally they pose fewer environmental risks and prove to be a green source of energy.

5. Low Maintenance Cost- One of the major reasons why solar panels are preferred over other alternatives is that they come with a service life of over 25 years, if maintained properly, hence easy and low-cost to maintain.

6. Suitable for Indian Climate- India lies in the tropical region receiving abundant sunlight which makes it ideal for the utilization of solar panels.

7. Represents Quality Of Life- One sets a good example of being a socially conscious and aware citizen who cares about the environment by using this renewable source of energy. It also increases the real estate value.

The first step to getting the amazing benefits of solar is to choose the right solar energy company. Frittsolar, a professionally managed and technologically advanced Solar EPC Company, provides turnkey, capex free energy solutions to homeowners, business owners, government establishments, institutes and commercial establishments. They have deployed several rooftop solar plants pan India and are known for best equipment, flawless installation and after sales services.

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