Benefits Of Solar For Business, Industries And Factories

Benefits Of Solar For Business, Industries And Factories

Solar panels are a great investment because renewable energy is the future, and solar panels give high return on investment within a few years.

Let's note some benefits of solar power.

1. Electricity Savings

By installing solar panels on your factory or industrial roof, you can eliminate or reduce your electricity bills. You will generate your own electricity and may pay very less or not at all for any electricity at all. Using renewable sources of energy will drastically reduce your electricity bill.

You will eventually start saving money on your monthly electricity bill once you reduce your electricity bill.

A 100 kw plant will provide 400 kWh/day units on average, which will save approximately 13 lac rupees per year.

2. Carbon Dioxide Reduction

The combustion of fossil fuels increases air pollution, especially in industries and factories where a lot of electricity is consumed.

It is a smart and eco-friendly decision to install a solar power system, as the company can save not only on its electricity bills but at the same time also promotes green energy thereby reducing the carbon footprints.

3. Cooler And Cleaner Roof

Installing solar on your roof reduces the amount of heat reaching the roof by 30 percent, keeping the building's roof 5 degrees cooler than the portions exposed to direct sunlight.

During summers, this reduces the cost of cooling. A lot of the renewable energy from the sun is reflected and absorbed by solar panels to keep roofs cool & clean.

4. Accelerated Depreciation Helps In Tax savings

India's government is promoting solar power systems in businesses, corporations and industrial sectors through tax incentives under section 32 of the income tax act by allowing them to take advantage of accelerated depreciation.

Solar power users can depreciate their investments in a solar power plant at a higher rate than their fixed assets because of accelerated depreciation. The user can then claim tax benefits on the value depreciated in a given year. Renewable energy systems are depreciated at 40%.

5. Green Reputation

Solar energy can generate a positive response in society. The company is considered as a responsible firm being eco-friendly and globally conscious.

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