Components Needed For Solar Panel Installation

Components Needed For Solar Panel Installation

Taking into consideration the environmental problems and financial benefits of solar, majority of the industries are switching to solar. Being a clean and green source of energy, the choice of going solar is highly benefiting industrialists in many aspects.

Below are few basic components required for solar panel installation:

Below are few basic components required for solar panel installation

(1) Solar Panel
Solar Panel is also known as Solar Cell or Photo Voltaic Cell and is the backbone of a solar power system. The essential attributes to consider are the efficiency, cost, warranty and technology type. The most suitable type of solar panels are the mono crystalline and polycrystalline panels. Mono crystalline panels are slightly more efficient and a bit more expensive than the polycrystalline ones. The number and placement of solar panels are dependent on the energy requirement, roof surface area, climate, amount of sunlight received in the location, efficiency rating of solar panels, availability of net metering.

(2) Charge Controller
Charge controller, also known as charge regulator, is used to regulate the voltage and current from the solar panels connected to the batteries. The very purpose of a charge controller is to prevent the overcharging of batteries.

There are multiple types of charge controllers available in the market:

• Simple – 1 and 2 Stage Charge Controllers: These are used to control the voltage in single or two stages and it disconnects the solar panel from the battery in case of over voltage.

• PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) – 3 Stage Charge Controllers: It’s based on pulse with modulation and it cuts off the battery circuit from the connected solar panel from the photo-voltaic cell when it is overcharged.

• MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) Controllers- It optimizes and regulates the higher DC voltage levels from the solar panel and converts to a lower, optimized and regulated voltage to charge the battery.

3) Battery
Batteries are used for backup charge storage. There are different types of batteries used in a solar power system like series, parallel or series-parallel connection of batteries for storage and backup operation for overnight use when the direct power from solar panels is not available. The type of batteries required largely depends on the system design. The battery is directly connected to the charge controller which controls the incoming charging currents and voltage.

4) Inverter
Inverter converts the DC power supply to the AC power supply. It is used to convert the DC voltage to AC.
There are many types of inverters available in the market:
• Centralized or String Inverter
• Power Optimizer
• Micro Inverter

Choosing the right components and equipment’s is most important part an EPC company plays when designing the solar system. Frittsolar, a Delhi based best solar panel company ensures that only the best components are used ensuring maximum efficiency of your customized solar system.