Cost For Solar Panel For Home?

Solar Panel

As Solar energy is gradually becoming the most popular form of alternative energy used for residential and commercial purposes, it has become important for consumers to know how to install the most efficient solar panels.

To be called a complete solar panel system, it needs to consist of 4 key components:

1) Solar panel:. These board shaped structures with grids are made of solar cells that convert solar energy to usable electricity. These are angled towards the sun for maximum absorption of sunlight.

2) Solar inverter: The solar panel circuit comprises of Direct and Alternating current. A solar inverter converts the DC into AC.

3) Solar Battery: Solar battery stores the surplus energy generated during the day to utilize the energy when the grid is turned off, or disconnected.

4) Panel stand: Panel stands are made of galvanized iron. These basic structures hold the panels to be tilted at an angle and protect them from getting blown away in harsh winds

Solar panel installation does not require any sort of additional space other than the available rooftop space that your house already offers. In addition to the key components are accessories that help in installation and maximizing efficiency. These are:

a) DC and AC wiring: with PVC coating, these wires are available in configurations of 3kW and cable tray of the same and above.

b) DCDB: The panels are thus protected from the DC side and are often placed with an off-grid solar inverter or grid-tie version of the inverter.

c) ACDB: Similar to a DCDB, it protects the panels from the AC side.

d) MC4 connectors: This is one of the important components that connects the DC wire to the panels.

e) LA: An LA or lighting arrestor is used for protection to save the panels from direct or indirect lighting that causes overvoltage.

f) Earthing: Earthing is done using kits that come in a range of 1kW to 3kW and above. Earthing is done for inverters, LA, and often for PV modules too.

Solar panel installations are currently priced at a rate of 7rs. Per watt. These are independent of sizes as well. If a solar panel system is of 3kW, it costs about 21000/-, while that of 8kW is charged at 56,000/-

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