How Can You Maintain Your Solar Panels?

How Can You Maintain Your Solar Panels?

It is important to maintain the solar panels well in order to generate more electricity and for the panels to work more efficiently. Solar panels that are well maintained produce more energy and last longer.

Solar requires a very little regular maintenance

1. Maintenance During Summer:

In summers, dust, grime, animal droppings, or tree pollen may cloud your panels. It may all get washed away in rain or get cleaned by you too, If needed, you can also seek professional assistance. When cleaning your panels, use demineralized water. Corrosion is caused by hard water over time.

2. Maintenance During Autumn:

Solar panels can produce enough energy if they are not covered with leaves. If not cleaned on time, these leaves impede the production by the panels.

Leaf removal is a simple task that can be accomplished easily. If you have proper safety equipment, such as a sturdy rope, harness, ladder, etc., you can even do it yourself. When cleaning, be careful not to damage your panels. Therefore, it is always advisable to seek professional guidance and assistance.

3. Maintenance During Winter:

Snow will melt off the panels when sun is bright enough. However, if the temperatures are too low and sunrise is not expected, you can also clean the panels with a snow rake. You must be very careful when doing this.

During winter, there is ice buildup in many places.

Removing ice from your roof is necessary to prevent eventual water penetration, pooling, or even structural damage. Situations like these call for professional maintenance.

4. Maintenance In Spring Season:

Spring is the correct time for preventative maintenance like cleaning of water damages, any roof penetrations, roof drainage issues, corrosion problems, vegetation growth or more.

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