How Do Rooftop Solar Panels Help You Save Money

How Do Rooftop Solar Panels Help You Save Money

Through these years, the electricity cost around the country has increased exponentially. It is an urgency in a developing country like India to have a regular and efficient supply of power to support the residents and businesses of its growing economy. Therefore, switching to more reliable and cost-saving methods of energy production becomes a priority.

Indians are highly driven by the price they have to pay for a commodity or service, which makes solar energy the best alternative to our traditional ways of electricity production taking into account the various benefits it provides, one of the most important being, cost saving.

To elaborate the same, solar energy helps one save costs due to the following factors:

1. Price of electricity: As mentioned in the beginning, the price of electricity is only increasing day by day, and so is the consumption. Installing a solar solution will enable people to generate their own electricity and minimize the power one consumes from the grid and hence reduce or eliminate the power bills. There is also constant fluctuation in the price of electricity which makes it difficult to plan one’s expenditure. With solar panels installed, one can easily plan their expenditure as the costs remain constant.

2. Low maintenance- Solar panels have an initial heavy investment, which is also now aided by the government as well as private companies such as Frittsolar.The subsequent maintenance and service cost remains low for these systems. They come with a service life of around 25 years if maintained properly.

3. Stored Power- One can store the power generated through these panels when not required and use it later, especially when the electricity rates are high at peak hours.

4. Property value- Solar panels help one save and earn back the cost of installation by adding to the property’s market value. Buyers will not mind paying a little extra when they know they will be saving on their power bills in the long run.

5. Government subsidy- The Government of India aids solar panel installations by allowing subsidies and deductions to residents and businesses in order to promote the usage of solar power.

To get the most out of your investment into solar panels, it’s imperative to choose high efficiency rooftop solar panels. Proper deployment of rooftop solar panels is equally important, as the panels should be aligned as per the sunlight received on the roof. A competent and experienced solar EPC Company like Frittsolar becomes your best bet when it comes to getting high efficiency rooftop solar panels. With more than a decade of experience across commercials, industrial and residential sectors, deploying more than 1GW of Solar Projects Pan India. Frittsolar brings the finest equipment, best team and excellent maintenance service together. They also offer non capex options and have partnered with various financial institutions and HNI’s to provide clients with tailor made solutions like Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and Easy Monthly Installments (EMI).Such financing products can provide a very high return on the rooftop solar investment.