How Effective Is Solar Panel In Cold Temperature?

How Effective Is Solar Panel In Cold Temperature?

Be it any season solar panels perform well all the time. Even in cold, northern latitudes and rainy climates, solar power is a reliable and resilient source of energy.

A solar panel generates clean and renewable energy around the year.

It’s interesting to know that solar panels actually produce electricity more efficiently in cold weather. Even in the most frigid weather, solar panels turn sunlight into electricity. Solar panels create energy from sun’s abundant light and not sun’s heat.

Briefly, when sunlight’s photon particles hit solar panel photovoltaic cells, electrons in the silicon are put into motion. The motion gets converted into electric current and the current is sent to your home’s electric distribution box to power the essential items.

Thus, even in winter months, if your panels receive enough sunlight, it will generate electricity. Cold climates are actually optimal for solar panel efficiency. Contrary to the myth, heat actually diminishes solar electricity production and research has shown that panels begin losing efficiency around 77ºF.

Solar panels supply dependable electricity to homes in cold climates, extreme weather and outages.

When it comes to solar energy, remember- it’s not about warmth, it’s about sunlight. Cold, weather is actually an ideal time to produce energy because solar panels work more efficiently in cooler temperatures.

Winter months are actually good for solar energy production; this means that your panels will produce more energy for each precious hour of sunshine during the short days of winter.>

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