How Many Solar Panels Does It Take To Power A Business?

Solar For Business

Choosing to switch to solar powered systems for your homes and businesses is the smartest decision you can take. However, it is just as smart to evaluate certain factors before finally investing in rooftop solar panels. Among the common questions asked, the most important is to first consider how many solar panels you actually need for your space.

How do you figure out how much energy you require to generate for your business? In order to understand this, it is first important to keep track of your energy consumption over the preceding year to gauge the need. Most businesses have an average amount but it always varies by the utility.

With Frittsolar at Delhi-NCR, you can easily measure energy consumption by looking into their load calculator. A load calculator takes into account your electricity needs in watts, the space you offer for solar panel installation and gives you a well-rounded plan that matches the estimate and requirements too.

The next step to factor in is the climate and amount of sunlight available at your location. The greater the hours of peak sunlight, the more energy generated by the solar panels. If you have calculated your hourly usage through the day, you need to now multiply it by 1000 to convert the generation of power into watts.

Divide this by the hour of sunlight received in your area throughout the day and this gives you the amount of energy output you require. Hence, a less sunny area may require more solar panels to match the energy requirement.

The next question arising will be about how a buyer can figure out if his quality of solar panels gives efficient output? The right choice for this is to always seek among the best companies for solar panels. It is often difficult to pick one that promises strong construction of cells, adequate absorption of sunlight and more.

Pick the suited efficiency of your solar panels by observing and allocating your available roof space. Thai is vital in the journey to pick the right number solar panels. A limited roof surface can fit only a small number of panels so you need to be able to invest in high efficiency panels to be able to meet the target energy output.

Similarly, a huge space for installation of solar panels will need cost-efficient low efficient panels to do the job. One of the top manufacturers of solar panels in India, Frittsolar gives you a great idea of the solar powered system that qualifies for your needs and electricity generation. They analyze your energy usage, and recommend the right sort of panels for the business and infrastructure available.

Sit back and enjoy while you watch your savings soar through the roof with a sustainable source of energy.