Know Solar Better

Know Solar Better

Solar is a new technology for all of us but investment in solar panels is worth it.

Solar is the future of sustainability.

In the process of planning solar for home, you will have a thousand questions in your mind. One of them is WILL I STILL RECEIVE AN ELECTRICITY BILL WHEN I INSTALL SOLAR?

The answer to this is yes. If you are connected to a grid, you will still receive an electricity bill. Even though you will have to pay a reduced amount, you will still receive one.

Most people have the misconception that they won't receive an electric bill at all when they install solar panels.

Even if you have solar panels you will still receive an electricity bill, albeit a minimal one.

Even though this is a reality, it does not mean you will pay forever, and here are the reasons why:

With net metering being available in many states, if the solar panels produce surplus energy that you do not use right away, it is exchanged for points on your electricity bill. In case you require more electricity, you can extract energy from the grid without having to pay extra. It is all a matter of pulling back less or the same amount that you previously gave to the grid.

When you receive your electric bill every month, any net metering points you used that month will be highlighted, and you will not be charged.

To summarize, you will definitely have to pay for electricity once you install solar panels. Sometimes, your bill may not require you to pay anything, but it may show how your electricity was used by displaying your net metering credits.

If you add additional electricity to the grid, your utility provider will roll over used bill points to the following month. Solar panels will reduce the amount you pay towards your electric bill, and in some cases they may eliminate the bill completely.

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