Learn How Solar Panels Perform In Extreme Weather Conditions

Learn How Solar Panels Perform In Extreme Weather Conditions

Solar technology is a new, greener and very efficient for all of us but there are a lot of myths about the way solar panels work and their effectiveness under various weather conditions.

Let's check out how solar works in different weather conditions and get a better understanding of solar technology.


A thick layer of snow impedes the efficiency of a solar panel. A solar panel stops working when it accumulates more than 5 cm of snow. However, the tilt of solar panels is such that the snow easily slides off, or the snow can be removed manually.

Under normal snowy weather, solar panels can still thrive and generate electricity.


Researchers have observed a slight decrease in solar panel efficiency with increasing wind velocity. Wind also has a positive effect as it cools the panels and when the panels are cooled by 1 degree, the efficiency increases by 0.05%.


Solar panels are manufactured to withstand extreme weather conditions. The companies perform hail testing, which consists of firing artificial hail at a speed of 20 to 30 m/s to see if the solar cells remain unharmed before offering the panels for sale.

Chemical Residue

When chemical build-ups occur in the panels after heavy rainfall, it reduces the efficiency of the panels. Therefore, the owner or an external company should keep the panels cleaned and maintained to maximize efficiency.

Damp Heat Testing

Humidity may cause corrosion and module connection failures, which could decrease the efficiency of solar panels.

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To ensure you get the best panels companies do Damp testing and offer you the best.

Solar panels are a sustainable source of energy, but not all are efficient. You might not get much return on your investment if you invest in very cheap solar panels.

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