Lifespan Of Solar Panels

Lifespan Of Solar Panels

As you consider investing in a solar system, you may wonder how long do solar panels last and how soon can you get the return from it. Without knowing the lifespan of the solar system, it is difficult to calculate the savings.

Solar panels typically last between 25 and 30 years. However, this does not mean your solar system will stop producing energy when it reaches that deadline. Solar panels will continue to work and produce sufficient energy if you take proper care of them.

Let's examine the factors that can increase the lifespan of solar panels.

Solar Maintenance

Solar panels appear sleek, modern, and delicate, but they are actually extremely durable. They can withstand rain, wind, high and low temperatures, humidity, and even hail. They require very little maintenance.

They just need to be kept clean and free of debris like leaves, pollen, dirt, dust, falling branches and bird droppings to work properly. By doing so, they will be able to generate the maximum amount of electricity. Usually, the wind and rain remove debris from your panels, but you can also easily rinse them with plain water.

Backup Batteries

Buy a reliable battery backup. The battery backup allows you to store excess energy produced by your solar system for later use during a power outage or at night. It keeps the panels running even when they aren't producing, thereby extending their lifespan.

Regular Inspection

An inspection of your solar energy system regularly can prevent issues like loose racking, exposed wires, and an aging or failing solar inverter. If you scratch or otherwise damage the panels on your roof, you can void your warranty. Therefore, have a professional perform the roof check-up.

Quality Panels

Quality of your panels matters the most.

Among the biggest benefits of solar-powered generators is their affordability.

Local panels may not withstand all types of obstructions, but panels of good quality will be able to withstand all kinds of weather and obstructions, and they will last longer and perform better.

Good quality panels and their regular maintenance will ensure maximum efficiency and generation, which is why, always invest in the best quality panels and enjoy solar panel advantages at large. Frittsolar, a solar EPC company based in Delhi is known for the quality of solar systems they install as well as for their maintenance team. The company sources the best-in-class panels from the top manufacturers of solar panel in India and around and have installed rooftop solar systems pan India and have completed many big projects in Gujarat, Punjab etc. The company sources the best-in-class panels with the top suppliers of the world that can produce 30% more energy.