On And Off Grid Solar Power

Commercial Solar Panel

With the rising awareness about benefits of solar panels, people are switching more and more to solar.

Once you consider your energy requirements and decide to go solar, the next question is whether you should go with off-grid or on-grid solar power. The answer is determined by the purpose of the panels as well as your specific energy requirements.

On-Grid Solar Power

A solar energy system that is "on-grid" or "grid-connected" is the one that is connected to the utility grid. This type of system has grown in popularity over the last 20 years.

The main reason why on-grid solar systems are popular is because they are inexpensive.

The primary reasons for the low cost of on-grid solar panels are

1. Choice to sell surplus power- When an on-grid solar system generates more energy than the requirement of the location, the surplus is fed back into the power grid. This "sell-back" saves money for the solar panel owner. This is where the concept of "net metering" comes into play.

2.The batteries are not included (or needed)- Since the solar rooftop system is linked to the grid and can draw power from it, no battery storage is required even if the sun does not shine for several days. While storage batteries allow for consistent power from off-grid solar panels, they do raise the cost.

Off-Grid Solar Power

Off-grid solar panels for electricity are exactly what they sounds like: They have absolutely no connection to the electrical grid.

Off-grid is typically more expensive due to the necessity for battery storage. However, this isn't always the case. Freedom and independence of power generation are the additional factors that make off-grid panels more appealing. You are no longer concerned about paying your utility bills.

Off-grid power streamlines your daily routine and operations while providing consistent, affordable energy over the long term.

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