Samsung could be working on a solar-powered smartwatch: Report

September 29, 2021

South Korean brand Samsung is reportedly working on Galaxy smartwatches powered by solar energy. As per a report by LetsGoDigital, the company has reportedly filed a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the same. While the patent was initially filed in 2019, it was discovered recently when the USPTO published it on its website.

The filed patent shows a Galaxy smartwatch featuring a wrist strap that is embedded with solar cells. It consists of two solar batteries that are placed in the watch strap, on either side of the watch case. Placing a solar cell on both sides of the watch case will ensure that sufficient sunlight is collected, regardless of how the watch is worn. The whole idea behind the design is that the device does not run into an empty battery ever again.

While the product images made by LetsGoDigital show the placement of the solar battery with a honeycomb structure. It will not be visible to users in reality.

The company has been entertaining the idea of applying solar cells to wrist straps for a couple of years. The application does not reveal any detail about how efficient the system would be.

Could Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 be powered by solar energy?

It may be too early to say that the Galaxy Watch 5 could be solar-powered. Considering the fact that the company just launched its Galaxy Watch 4. Nevertheless, we can expect future Samsung smartwatches to come with the solar charging feature. But perhaps not anytime soon.

Samsung has been trying to improve its eco-friendly policies recently. The company uses 100% reusable energy at its factories in the USA, Europe, and China. It also adopted solar charging feature for its QLED TV range introduced earlier this year.

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