Solar Carports- Everything You Need To Know

Solar Panel

What Is A Solar Carport?

A carport is basically a shelter for cars, consisting of a roof supported by pillars. A solar carport is typically a larger structure, similar in size .It's designed to have multiple solar panels installed above it, on its roof. This results in increased space efficiency, which leads to more renewable power production. It also serves as a shelter for parked vehicles. These structures are great for large parking lots and home driveways alike.

How Does A Solar Carport Work?

A solar carport is a structure built with one or more modules on the roof that act as a carport and integrates solar panels on top to collect sunlight and convert it into energy. It is essentially a solar power installation that’s built on top of a parking bay. Solar carports collect sunlight and convert it into energy like any other home solar power system. It makes use of the empty space above your car to provide a more flowing and practical use for the area.

The Benefits Of Solar Carport

1. Return on investment

In today’s world where everyone is looking for renewable resources, being able to access solar energy seems extremely attractive. One of the biggest benefits you can take advantage of by having solar carports is the ability to use an empty space and monetise it using renewable energy. With solar carports, your energy usage becomes totally self-sustaining and very economical. This means that not only will you be making money through lower utility bills rather than paying a high electric bill every month, if the capacity of your plant is good enough, you’ll become energy independent. The money you save recovers the cost of investment withing a few years after which, you essentially get electricity for free! This benefit is why Solar is deemed to give you the best ROI

2. Serves multiple purposes

A solar carport gives you a certain amount of flexibility over how you use your solar energy. You can use renewable energy to plug your EV into the solar carport in the garage and power your vehicle with clean energy. You can use extra electricity to charge batteries or sell it back to the grid. You can also use the solar carport as a parking canopy to protect your vehicles from the elements, or even hold events beneath it during the summer months. Solar carports provide several advantages for both residential and commercial buildings, and they are an excellent way to take advantage of one of solar energy's most significant advantages—no transmission loss.

3. A solution for utilising space

Solar car ports are designed to stay in the same place. Whether they're installed in a yard or a parking lot, they stay put. Solar panels can be mounted on top of the carport and fixed in place with anti-vandal features. Thanks to their horizontal position, solar carports don’t occupy much space at all.

If you're looking for a way to set yourself apart from the crowd of other car owners, a solar carport is a smart investment. Adding solar panels to your parking space will improve the value of your property while potentially increasing your income. You'll be able to determine how much money you save on electricity, as well as increase the value of your property by installing the solar system.

If you’ve been considering installing a solar carport, you’re probably aware of the many benefits associated with this alternative to your standard garage.

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