Solar For Home

Solar For Home

Solar is one of the best investments one can make. But a few factors must be taken into account when getting solar installed on the roof.

1. Choose Only Certified Solar Panels

One should always get MNRE approved tier-I solar panels. There are various solar panels available in the market for purchase but one should never compromise on the quality of the panels and should only get the best. A good quality solar panel lasts for at least 25 years and gives up to 80% efficiency.

2. Keep A Check for Rebates or Subsidies Available

State governments are initiating some amazing incentives to push residents to switch to renewable source of energy. One should always check what subsidies or rebates your local government is providing on rooftop solar systems. Some states in India tend to offer up to 40% subsidy on choosing to go solar.

3. Have a Thorough Site Assessment Done

Return on investments in solar panels and their efficiency will drop significantly if one does not get the right inclination, positioning, or space to put up their solar panels. One should take help of an expert and do shadow profiling and should get the design layout from the solar expert.

4. Select a System After Consulting Solar Experts

Always seek help of an expert and get your roof space checked before you take any further step or purchase the panels. You solar experts will guide you the best.

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