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Having a property with specification such as Solar rooftop Gurgaon is a great way of increasing its price. To have a Solar rooftop in Gurgaon is also one of the most cost-effective strategies to reduce your electricity bill. The installation of solar panels is rather straightforward, and it can save you a significant amount of money over time. If you are thinking about putting in solar installations in Gurgaon, you can reach out to Frittsolar.

Come, be a part of the solar-powered future!

Frittsolar is offering you the chance to get solar panels installed on your roof in Gurgaon. We're here to help you take control of your power and lower your power bill—and all you have to do is reach out to us.

There are numerous benefits to Solar panel installation in Gurgaon.

Solar energy is eco-friendly, as generating it produces no harmful emissions and doesn't add to the pollution of the city.

Solar technology is cost-effective. The solar panel price in Gurgaon starts at a budget friendly price and is independent of the size.

Many Gurgaon residents and businesses have chosen to install solar panels on their roofs. This is because they want to be more environmentally friendly while also saving money on their electricity costs.

Frittsolar is one of the most sought-after companies when it comes to installing solar rooftop in Gurgaon.

Solar Panel Price In Gurgaon


-World class solar equipment's.
-PAN India presence.
-20+ years of experience and 200+kW installed
-Customized solar solutions

solar panel


-Right product selection.
-Help maintain your solar asset.
-Design consultancy .
-Get maximum ROI.

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solar commercial project in gurgaon

Capacity:20 kW
Units Served Yearly:26,000
Money Saved Yearly:2,08,000 INR

solar commercial project in delhi

Capacity:50 kW
Units Served Yearly:65,000
Money Saved Yearly:5,20,000 INR

Solar Panel Installation In Gurgaon

Capacity:30 kW
Units Served Yearly:39,000
Money Saved Yearly:3,12,000 INR

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Frequently Asked Questions

Homes with solar energy systems sell for more than homes without them, according to studies. If you own rather than lease your solar panel system, however, your property value will rise. In most areas of the country, adopting solar will enhance the value of your home more than a kitchen remodel.

You can go solar if you can afford to pay your electricity bill. Solar financing alternatives with no money down, such as solar loans and solar leases, make it simple for homeowners with good credit to start saving money on their electricity costs. Frittsolar makes it very easy to go solar by providing solar on EMI.

The size of your solar energy system will be determined by your monthly electricity use as well as the weather conditions in your area. Examine your previous utility bills and compare quotes from professional, pre-screened solar installers to get the right system size for you.

Solar panel systems are built of tough tempered glass and require little to no maintenance over the course of their 25 to 35-year lifespan. You don't even need to clean your solar panels on a regular basis in most circumstances. If something goes wrong, most equipment manufacturers provide warranties, albeit the length of the guarantee varies by company.

Solar energy, like other renewable energy sources, has a number of environmental and health advantages. Going solar minimises greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change, as well as air pollutants such as sulphur dioxide and particulate matter, which can be harmful to one's health.Solar is considered to be the greenest and most feasible form of renewable energy.

Solar panels from Frittsolar are the most efficient solar panels. They produce 30% more energy than normal solar panels in the market today.

Batteries are required for off-grid solar panels to function. Batteries are necessary to store electricity in off-grid solar panels. In the absence of electricity and batteries, the only choice is to purchase a grid-connected solar inverter.

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