The Concept Of Net Metering

The Concept Of Net Metering

Investment in solar has been proven to be a wise and profitable proposition. A person looking for solar or researching on it must have come across the term net metering. To clear your concepts about it refer below.

Net Metering is a concept that provides solar owners credit for the power that they sent to the grid. When solar panels produce excess power than needed, that surplus power is sent to the grid. This power can be ‘pulled back’ from the grid when the solar panels are not functioning– for example at night. The bi-directional electricity meter runs backwards at night and customers only pay for the ‘net’ energy used.

The solar systems are connected to the utility grid through customers’ main service panel and meter. When the panels are generating more power than needed the excess is returned to the grid through the power meter, reversing the meter from its usual direction.

A bi-directional meter is must for net metering. Since this meter works in both directions – it’s easy to measure power purchased when panels were not functioning and power returned to the grid at times of excess production. The customer pays only for “net” of both transactions

Net metering is beneficial as it:

- Gives customers the control over their electricity and help them produce more than what they can consume, reducing their energy bill

- Saves customers’ money wasted on expensive batteries for power storage

- Requires less or no maintenance as there are no moving parts in the grid connected panels and just requires solar modules and inverter

- Records the data of energy sent to the grid and consumed from the grid, providing a vital data. Your electricity bill is the net difference of the two, things

- Reduces the electricity generated by traditional methods, thus preserving the environment

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