Types Of Solar Systems

Types Of Solar Systems

With increasing environmental concerns and rising electricity price, people are switching to solar.

Even the government is coming up with different schemes to promote green energy and is supporting the solar owners with subsidies.

In the coming future, the solar technology will play a wide role in energy sector.

To widen your knowledge about the solar technology read below:

There are three types of solar systems:

1. Grid-Tied System

Grid-tied solar systems are connected to the utility grid via grid-tied-inverter. When a grid tied system produces more power than needed, the system uses its connection and exports the excess power to the utility grid. It also means that you never run out of power when the solar panels aren’t producing enough electricity. At such times of shortfall, the system can import electricity from the grid for free. These systems are ideal for urban areas with 24/7 grid supply or minimal power cuts.

2. Hybrid System

A hybrid system is a combination of a grid tied and off grid system. Hybrid systems are like grid tied systems which are connected to the grid but also have a backup battery system to store excess power. Electricity produced by the system is first utilized for self-consumption. Any excess energy is first sent to the battery and then to the grid for net or gross metering. These systems are ideal for locations that have grid availability but have long and frequent power cuts.

3. Off Grid System

An off-grid system is a stand-alone unit that does not have a connection to the electricity grid. It involves solar modules and a large number of batteries. All the energy that is produce is either consumed by the load or is stored in the batteries for use when the sun is not shining. These systems are ideal for remote locations like villages and hamlets where there is no grid penetration or few hours of grid availability. These systems can also be used to create micro and mini grids.

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