What Are Bifacial Solar Panels And How Are They Useful?

What Are Bifacial Solar Panels And How Are They Useful?

The solar technology is developing and reaching new heights. There is almost a percent of advancement in the technology every passing day and our researchers and developers around the world are continuously working on making the solar technology more efficient.

Bifacial solar panels are one of the more advanced options in the market these days. The panels are claimed to have 11% more efficiency than the old mono-facial panels and have an increasing market since 2017.

These panels produces power from both sides as they are made of transparent sheets or glass that helps them generate electricity from both side making it a more advanced option for the solar seekers.

The Bifacial panels are somewhat similar to the mono-facial panels. But the only difference that they have is that they are made of transparent glass instead of a black sheet/reflective coating.

The bifacial panels absorb direct as well as the reflected light. The front side of panels absorbs direct sunlight while the reflected light is absorbed from the rear side. The part of sunlight that strikes the floor is reflected AND used by the rear part of the panel to produce electricity.

This is how Bifacial solar panels work.

Bifacial Solar

Below are few advantages of bifacial solar panels:-

1. Highly Efficient Panels- While compared to the traditional mono-facial PV panels, Bifacial panels produce 11 to 12% more energy. The reason behind is that it is made of monocrystalline solar cells and the bifacial nature of the panels leads to the production of more energy.

2. Lesser Panels & Space Required- Bifacial panels produces electricity from both side of its panels, thus the efficiency is high. So, even lesser panels generates good amount of energy and thus lesser space will also be required.

3. Highly Durable- In comparison to the mono-facial panels, Bifacial systems are more durable and can withstand hail storms or other bad weather conditions easily. As the tempered glass used in their manufacturing is quite strong, it protects and provides support to the panels from both sides making the panels strong.

4. Sufficient Energy Production- During bad weather condition the efficiency of mono-facial panels are highly affected but it is not the case with bifacial panels. If, one side of the panel gets affected by the bad weather condition the other side continues to work and generates sufficient energy.

5. Angle of Installation- Unlike the mono facial solar panels, bifacial systems can be installed at any angle. You can install them at an angle of 90° or any and the efficiency will not be hampered.

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