What Are Solar Subsidies?

What Are Solar Subsidies?

People are familiar with the solar technology but many of them are not aware of the subsidies they can avail by going solar.

To have a clear idea about solar subsidies and to know about the benefits one can get through investment in solar panels one should read below:

People who are still not aware of the solar benefits and don’t know the reason why they should switch to solar and also have this question whether they should they wait more for the technology to get better should read below.

The time is perfect for you to switch to solar as the technology is in its advanced level.

Understanding of solar subsidy - We all know that solar is a clean, green and free source of energy. It is not harmful to the environment and does not emit any harmful gases unlike coal or any other non-renewable source of energy.

With growing environmental problems, Government, as a step towards better environment, supports the decision of going solar and helps people financially to install solar. This financial support is termed as subsidy.

There are three parties involved in this process of subsidy- 1. Customers 2. Channel Partners and 3. Discoms

The benefits they get from these subsidies are:

1. Customers :

People installing solar panels of

• Up to 3kW gets a subsidy of 40%

• 4kW to 10kW gets a subsidy of 20%

Home owners can install solar panels easily and claim subsidy through state DISCOM. If the owner installs solar system through subsidy scheme, the solar installation company provides 5 years of performance warranty to him.

Subsidy is not available to commercial and industrial customers because they can avail other benefits like accelerated depreciation, tax holidays, and excise duty exemptions.

2. Channel Partner:

Channel Partners benefit from a larger customer base. It becomes difficult for a common person to figure out the processes of getting the subsidy. Here the channel partner comes into the picture. He works between the customer and the government departments and expedites the process of getting a subsidy for the customer and earns profit.

3. Discoms

By going solar, the power consumption demand reduces in residential sectors thereby enabling the Discoms to distribute more energy in commercial areas making more profit.

With the subsidy, the customer becomes happy as they get financial aid, the channel partner becomes profitable as they get a new customer and the government is satisfied, as it is one step closer to its solar target installation.

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