What Is The Best Roof For Solar Panels?

Solar Panel

Solar panels are becoming an increasingly common and sought-after option for homeowners who want to lower the utility costs and reduce their carbon footprint, hence leaving a positive impact on the environment.

This positive shift is a result of improved solar technology, which has become more efficient and affordable. Today, there are several different types of solar rooftop systems available, each type having unique benefits. When home owners choose to install solar panels, one of the biggest questions they often have is whether their roof is suitable for the installation.

Luckily, most roofs are solar-friendly, though some materials are more suitable for solar panels. So let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of roofs and how they affect solar panel performance.


While solar panels on tiled roofs aren't as common, there are benefits to this type of installation. Clay, slate, or concrete tiles are one of the best roofs for solar panels. These are slightly more waterproof and can last longer than other shingles.

Tar and Gravel

Tar and gravel roofs are a type of asphalt roof that is commonly used in many regions around the world. Despite their flat shape, tar and gravel roofs can still support solar panels. However, you will want to carefully position the panels at a 30 degree angle to get the maximum power generation , hence maximizing the return on investment.


Metal roofs with standing seams are considered the best roofs for solar panels. This is because metal roofs already have a standing seam on top. The highly reflective surface of the standing seam make the metal roofs very good for solar panel installation.


Wooden roofs can expand or swell if exposed to high temperatures, which makes it less resistant to fire. Furthermore, if one uses wood for solar panel installation, there would be additional insulation required as it may conduct heat more than metal. Though installation can be done, it is not advised due to fire safety concerns.

Solar roofing has made its mark on the roofing market, but there is never a shortage of options when it comes to getting panels on the roof. Although we did not list every type of roof available, the intent behind this article is to provide a comparison of the most common types of roofs and indicate some factors that you, as a consumer, should take into consideration when determining what would be the best for your new solar panel installation.

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